Rainbow Chanel

"treat her like youre still trying to win her. that’s how you’ll never lose her."


let’s watch a scary movie together and get so freaked out that the only option is to have sex 


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my anonymous friend sent me this and i thought this was really beautiful


it’s literally scary how much this post is me

Grunge on We Heart It.

i think the real memories that matter are the ones you forget to photograph. the ones in which youre so caught up with being completely present that any proof that it happened or need to show someone else is so far from what youre concerned about in that moment…


every breath you take // listen here
track list;
every breath you take - the police
money power glory - lana del rey
yesterday - the beatles
worship you - vampire weekend
switzerland - daughter
long way home - 5sos
make your own kind of music - mama cass
polly - nirvana
wrapped around your finger - the police
dead! - my chemical romance
black hole sun - soundgarden
heaven knows im miserable now - the smiths
shes only 18 - red hot chili peppers
losing my religion - R.E.M
paper cuts - nirvana
interzone - joy division
kiss me kiss me - 5sos
panic attack - the vaccines
heart songs - weezer
found you out - sir sly
good times roll - the cars
she way out - the 1975
pork and beans - weezer
helena - my chemical romance
hope you like the tunes c:

I just want someone to say this to me every day of my life.